Friday, March 17, 2006

Are you serious?


By the way, it is abundantly clear that no one claimed that Leonardo was related to Jesus until the 20th century.

Any stories like this are obviously tabloid material.

Haven't you had enough Davinci Code nonesense already? Why did you click that link?

Really -- what were you thinking?! :>)

April Fools' Day Runner Up gags:
-- Publishing Mistake: Several pages missing from Bart Ehrman's new book!
-- Ark of the Covenant found in Washington wherehouse: "Ten Commandments" chiseled by Moses found therein include an eleventh, "Thou Shalt Not Mock Moses' Speech Impediment!"
-- Ancient Inscription Reveals David No Singer; "The King wrote beautiful words, but disturbed the cattle with his singing"
-- Noah's Ark Found: "Missing Links" Aboard
-- Blueprint of the Tower of Babel Found -- Plans Included the Construction of a High Speed Roller-Coaster at Top


Anonymous said...

You got me. I'm a fool.

Unknown said...

I figured it was a publicity stunt for the book. A local radio station played Christmas music all day, claiming that they were going to switch to all- Christmas music format.