Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Debate About The Canon Of Scripture

Scholar Scot McKnight has opened up the flood gates. As you all probably know, Protestants and Catholics have a different number of books in their bibles. Non-Catholics reject certain books that Catholics affirm. These disputed books are called "apocrypha" by non-Catholics and "deuterocanonical" by Catholics.

Well, three days ago McKnight decided to take a poll on his website, in which he asked readers to identify their position on the "apocrypha." Since then, he has received a whopping 58 comments. Many of the posts are very good. However, many of them also contain certain inaccuracies.

I have been following these posts closely for two reasons. First, I made the mistake of clicking the box that says "notify me by email of future comments" and have since been sent every single one posted! Secondly, and more seriously, because I have long studied the issue. I have decided to address the issues here on my blog.

For those of you awaiting the next installment of the discussion on the liturgical year, fear not. I will continue that as well. I am excited about examining Jesus' observances of Passover; the feast of Pentecost in Acts; the Day of Atonement motifs in Hebrews, etc. We will get to all that shortly.

But for all those who wonder about the historical development of the canon, here goes...

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