Monday, March 27, 2006

Linked with the Saint Paul Center!!!

Starting today the Saint Paul Center is linking to this blog from its main page. I am so grateful for this honor. As I've said many times on this site, nothing excites me as much as the work of the Saint Paul Center.

The Saint Paul Center is a non-profit organization founded by Scott Hahn. Here's the description of the Center's goal from the official website:

The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology is a non-profit research and educational institute that promotes life-transforming Scripture study in the Catholic tradition. The Center serves clergy and laity, students and scholars, with research and study tools — from books and publications to
multimedia and on-line programming.

Our goal is to be a teacher of teachers. We want to raise up a new generation of priests who are fluent in the Bible and lay people who are biblically literate. For us, this means more than helping people to know their way around the Bible. It means equipping them to enter into the heart of the living Word of God and to be transformed and renewed by this encounter.

We read the Bible from the heart of the Church, in light of the
Church’s Liturgy and living Tradition. In this way, we hope to help people experience the heart-to-heart encounter that Jesus’ disciples experienced on that first Easter night, when they knew Him in the breaking of the bread: “Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked to us...while He opened to us the Scriptures?” (see Luke 24:13-37 )

The Center produces materials for people studying the bible at all levels -- beginner, intermediate and advanced. One of my favorite projects is the new academic journal, Letter and Spirit. The inaugural issue contains articles from Robert Wilkens, Scott Hahn, and many others. The article by Brant Pitre alone is worth the price of the journal - "The 'Ransom for Many,' the New Exodus, and the End of the Exile: Redemption as the Restoration of All Israel (Mark 10:35-45)."

The Center is also producing mutli-media parish bible study programs. Each bible study comes with visual aids, a presenter's guide and student notes. A fully animated and beatifully illustrated Power Point program is the default visual aid - though other options are available.

I should also mention the on-line courses which are totally free and available at the website. Courses are available for students at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. You can begin them at any time (there is no quarter/semester system).

I encourage you to explore the site, which is a veritable wealth of resources: I've only just begun to describe what the Center is up to these days.

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Rev. Robert A. Connor said...

Dear Michael,
I'm sorry I didn't see your comment earlier. I don't look for them since there normally aren't any. But you have opened up a huge resource for me. Thank you.