Friday, March 31, 2006

New Feature: "Online Articles"

I have now added to the sidebar a section called "Online Articles on Biblical and Theological Issues" (left side, scroll down). This section will make it easier for viewers to find some of the essays I have written and posted on this site.

Taking God at His Word is a look at the Catholic understanding of Scripture.

Loose Canons: The Development of the Old Testament deals with the issues of the development of the Old Testament canon, with particular focus on the question of the deuterocanonical books (or apocrypha).

Making Time For Worship: Understanding the Liturgical Seasons deals with the significance of the liturgical calendar in the Old Testament, its use in the New Testament and (coming soon!) the development of the liturgical calendar in the early church.

Future essays are coming, which will deal with everything from Moral Theology to the criteria of authenticity.

As always, this site will be updated on a virtual daily basis.

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