Friday, March 10, 2006

Radio Show thread

Listen to my radio show, Reasons For Faith Live!

Friday - 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific)

Find your local radio station or listen on-line.

You can also listen on shortwave or satellite radio.

Call in number: 1-888-526-2151

If you have any comments or questions for the show, go ahead and leave a comment or send me an email:

Today we will be discussing the Catholic understanding of the Eucharist, especially as it is seen as the New Passover Meal. We will also talk about this post by a non-Catholic who is falling in love with the Eucharist.


Steve Bogner said...

Michael - Are your shows archived somewhere? I'd love to listen but am not available to do so most times.

Michael Barber said...


Sorry to say they are not. But I'm hoping to eventually have some kind of audio material from the radio show up at the site. Thanks for your interest and for stopping by the site.

For everyone else reading this, check out Steve's site. He has some very powerful meditations up over there (among other things).

In Christ,