Monday, April 10, 2006

Big News To Come From Vatican?

Last week the Pope met with top Vatican officials about pressing issues in the Church. One of the major items on the agenda of the meeting appears to have been liturgical concerns. What was said? What will be done? No one knows.

Vatican officials have their lips sealed. Keep in mind, Vatican officials are almost never this tight-lipped. This is unusual.

Holy Thursday -- the day the Church celebrates the institution of the Eucharist -- would be an ideal time to make some kind of announcement about the liturgy. In fact, JPII had a tradition of writing a letter to the priests of the world every Holy Thursday. This letter typically involved some teaching on the Eucharist.

Pope Benedict has apparently dropped that tradition.

Does he have something else in store for Holy Thursday? It seems so.

The suspense is killing me.

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Anonymous said...

Great picture for this text!

Anonymous said...

From that photo, it looks as if Pope Benedict has something up his sleeve.