Monday, April 03, 2006

Blogging Patristics

Mike Aquilina, prolific writer and patristic expert (and a very dear friend), has started a blog of his own, which will be devoted to "blogging the fathers." Mike is the Vice President of the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology. He is also one of the most talented writers working today - always as readable as he is deep. I look forward to reading whatever he has to say.

Why blog the fathers? This is his answer...
That’s a very good question. My father, God rest his soul, had a stock response whenever people asked him what his youngest son did for a living.

“Mike’s got quite a racket,” Pop would say. “He finds authors who’ve been dead so long they can’t collect royalties. Then he re-publishes their work under his name.”

Pop was talking about my books on the Church Fathers — the ancient Christian authors who caught my attention, some years back, and never let it go.

He was joking, of course. Even with cataracts and Coke-bottle glasses, he saw enough of my life to conclude that no one ever got rich in my “racket.”

But if you’ve read the Fathers, you know they’re worth a little sacrifice. And if you know they’re worth it, that’s probably why you landed on this blog. The Fathers make for rewarding reading, and anything that reads so well is worth talking about. Blogging is one good way to carry on the conversation...

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