Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ice of Faith

A study done out of the University of Florida is claiming that there is a natural explanation for the "miracle" of Jesus' walking on the water. Apparently, under rare conditions, the Sea of Galilee freezes over in certain spots. These conditions, they claim, were present at the time of Jesus.

I don't know what takes more faith, to believe that Jesus walked on water or to assume that Jesus, a first century Jew, had the necessary meteorological abilities to determine the exact time these rare conditions would be present, to send the disciples out in a boat at that exact time, and to find a way out to a patch of ice.

Furthermore, if this represents the "real" story behind the Gospel account, we would also have to believe that a floating chunk of ice just happened to pass by the boat Peter was in at the exact moment he stepped out to join Jesus.

Finally, we would have to believe that the chunk Jesus was on some how converged with the boat allowing him to board the ship.

I think this new explanation requires too much faith.

(Tip of the hat to Curt Jester and Mark Shea.)


Unknown said...

This is hilarious. I guess people who lived 2000 years ago didn't know what ice was.

Expax said...

Or even more funny is that Peter didn't know he was walking on ice. I guess his faith was to "light."