Sunday, May 21, 2006

JP Catholic Getting Major Exposure

As I've been saying, The Davinci Code movie underscores the need for the presence of faithful Catholics in the Media. John Paul the Great Catholic University comes on the scene just at the right time.

Over the weekend a tidal wave of support for the school has come from the Catholic blogosphere. I want to thank all those bloggers who have picked up this story -- let's continue to spread the word.

Mike Aquilina comments:
That’s a compelling vision. I don’t have to tell visitors to this blog about the papacy’s other two “Greats” — Leo and Gregory — and how those men turned the challenging circumstances of their day to the benefit of the Gospel. I think they, and John Paul, would approve of this “Great” effort.
Curt Jester writes: "You got to love a school that uses 'magisterial teaching' in a promotion video."

The Cafeteria is Closed explains, "A different kind of Catholic University is what John Paul the Great Catholic University sets out to become." Of course, he was on this months ago.

A number of other blogs have joined in the campaign, including:
AmericanPapist, Built on a Rock (Bill Cork), A Catholic Life, For God, For Country and For Yale.

Thanks to all of you who have joined in and to those who have mentioned my site (you'll all be added to my blogroll -- just give me a little time).

I'm hoping to see more bloggers add their voices to this very worthy cause.

Make sure you watch that promotional video everyone is raving about.

The trust Dr. Connolly has put in the Lord by putting everything he has on the on-line for this new school is truly inspiring. JP Catholic really needs all the help it can get - prayers, students and funds.

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Anonymous said...

Michael, is "the great" part of JPII's official title? I was a little confused by Aquilina's reference to the other two "Greats".

~David (a protestant reader!)

Michael Barber said...


Technically, no, "the great" is not part of JPII's official title. But, of course, that title has always arisen from the faithful. Moreover, When the new pope is himself using that term for the late pontiff, it's a pretty good indicator that it's going to stick.

Of course, time will tell.

In the unlikely event that it doesn't become official, I guess "the great" could be understood as a description of the university itself, in other words - John Paul, The Great Catholic University. :)

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't understand why John Paul is "the great." That is the judgement of history. I know Richard John Neuhaus is desperately trying to make it stick, for God knows what reason. It seems to me that we haven't had nearly enough distance yet to make that judgment.

Crafty P said...

Funny how news gets around in the blogosphere. I saw the video link via Irish and Dangerous and was so impressed by the university. We'll be in San Diego in July, hoping to take a peek at where it is located.

ps. ordered your newest book via Laywitness and am so EXCITED to read it!