Monday, May 15, 2006

The Pope's Brother Speaks

How would you like to have a private line to the Pope? Georg Ratzinger, the brother of the Pope, apparently has one. I wonder if the phone it's connected to is red like the "bat phone". Although white might be more appropriate, it just seems to lack the necessary flair.

A new interview is out there with the Pope's brother, the English translation of which is found here (you'll need to scroll down a bit). Here's my favorite part...

Q. Does it bother you that you are always asked about your brother?
A. Well, personally I am not so interesting. What is interesting about me is my brother. This does not bother me. Just when people call and want something from my brother, or that I should arrange something with my brother, then I am annoyed. This happens very often.

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Anonymous said...

Many recent Popes had brothers and sisters still living when they were elected to the Papacy.
Unfortunatly, Pius XII's only brother died in 1934, before His brother was elected Pope(1959).
John XXIII as is well know, had several brothers and a sister still living when He became Pope in 1958, and three were still lving when He died in 1963.
Paul VI had a brother who died during His reign, sometime in the late 1960's.
John Paul II unfortunatly lost all of His family while a young man, and had no brothers or sisters living when He became Pope in 1978.
It's nice to read of the close relationship between Pope Benedict XVI and His brother Georg.
I'd like to see Benedict XVI give His brother some kind of Church honor for all His work as a music director and His efforts to promote traditional liturgy in Germany (maybe make Him a Canon, or a Protonotary Apostolic (highest level of Monsignor)...or even a Cardinal. But I suppose some might cry nepotism if He did that !