Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Root of the Problem

"All the harm that comes from the world comes from its not knowing the truths of Scripture in clarity and truth." -- Saint Theresa of Avila

From The Book of Her Life, 40, n. 1.

Cited from The Collected Works of St. Theresa of Avila (vol. 3; trans., K. Kavenaugh and O. Rodriguez), 37.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. In these words, I see "getting at the root" as a means to remove obstruction, uncover, or simplify. When I say that harmful action is born of fear and pain, do you see truth? As we seek to understand someone’s problems, does one of these obstructions inevitably surface? Even gluttony can be understood as a fear of insufficiency that leads to an addiction to material goods. Do you feel "true joy" coming from a person while he speaks ill of another? What I feel is pain, usually based on past experiences or misunderstanding. Fear can manifest as a mild worry or sheer terror, while unhealed pain can result in anger and hatred. At the extreme, actions born of unhealed pain and unresolved fear can be harmful and destructive, both externally and internally.

In its most simple form, what is the Good News we are called to spread? I have been taught that it is God's Divine Love, pure and undefiled, unfathomable and eternal. God’s Love can heal and transform all of us. The gospel teaches us how to stay connected to God's love and Jesus teaches us how to love even in the face of adversity. Our ability to love our fellow man is rooted in our persistence in loving God. God taught us to love Him because in doing so we open our hearts to achieve union with God and our fellow man. In the Scriptures we are called to share the Pure Love of God with our fellow man.

As we seek to simplify and uncover an understanding of the Good News, we may find that St. Augustine's maxim, "Love and do what you will," is simple and complete. When based on pure love, our actions do not harm they heal. As we spread the Good News of God's love, with an understanding that fear and pain can pose obstructions to the receipt God’s love, we can follow the example of Jesus’ Sacred Heart (Divine Love) and Mary’s immaculate heart (Love purified in God’s grace). The Scriptures contain the teachings and examples we are called to follow. God's Love is a Love that takes us beyond ourselves and unites us with the whole. What will happen when all of mankind rejects hatred and acts only on the basis of a pure and sacred love? I believe this is what we call Heaven on Earth.