Friday, June 30, 2006

Dr. Brant Pitre Launches Site

Catholic scholar Brant Pitre has launched a new website. At the top of his homepage he cites one of my favorite passages from Vatican II: "“The study of the Sacred Page…should be the very soul of Sacred Theology” (Dei Verbum 24). Indeed, this directive characterizes all of Dr. Pitre's work--he truly sets out to do biblical theology.

Dr. Pitre, a Senior Fellow of the Saint Paul Center, has an exciting new book out, Jesus, the Tribulation and the End of Exile: Restoration Eschatology And the Origin of the Atonement (2006). It has earned high praise from many of the most respected scholars in the guild, including Scot McKnight, David Aune, Dale Allison, and Scott Hahn. Those of you with academic leanings really need to own a copy.

Dr. Pitre has also recorded a number of talks on the faith that all audiences will enjoy--scholarly and popular. He has the unique ability to make the complex understandable. He frequently brings audiences to their feet--take it not from me, but from Dr. Hahn. In fact, with Dr. Hahn and Dr. Ted Sri, he ranks among my favorite Catholic conference speakers. Be sure to catch him next weekend at the Catholic Family Conference. Do yourself a favor and check out the audio samples available at his site.

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Diane said...

Thanks for the tip, Michael. I've now added yours and Dr. Pitre's sites to my blog sidebar.

We Catholics need to get more fluent in Scripture!