Monday, June 19, 2006

Family Conference '06

The 16th annual National Catholic Family Conference is soon approaching. I hope to see many of you there! If you need information, go here.

Right now I'm considering my presentations. One of my talks will be: "Seven Things You Need To Know About Suffering." Here's the tentative list:

1. Suffering Does Not Mean God Has Lost Control
2. Suffering Is God's Fatherly Discipline
3. Sin Leads To Suffering
4. Suffering is Sacrificial
5. Suffering Reminds Us of Our Heavenly Goal
6. When One Part of Christ's Body Suffers, We All Suffer
7. The Eucharist Is A Participation in Christ's Suffering (and Resurrection)

Any thoughts?

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How about suffering as reflecting the closeness of Christ? This idea is developed in the Handbook of the Legion of Mary: Chapter 9 "The Legionary and the Mystical Body of Christ" Section 3: "Suffering in the Mystical Body" Available at