Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pope Follows World Cup

A news story is out that the Pope is closely following the World Cup.
Pope Benedict XVI is following the evolution of the World Cup soccer tournament in Germany, said Jurgen Ruttgers, minister-president of the North Rhine-Westphalia state.

Ruttgers met the pope at the Vatican June 12, the fourth day of the monthlong tournament being held in 12 cities across Germany."I told the pope about the fantastic atmosphere before the Portugal-Angola game in Cologne" June 11, he said, comparing it to the festive atmosphere in the city last August when Cologne hosted World Youth Day.
The article goes on, quoting Ruttgers as saying, "I had the impression he (the pope) is following the World Cup with great attention, even though it is a sporting event."

Perhaps the Pope is trying to avoid repeating the kind of mistake he made last year when he shocked fans the world over by not knowing who Pele was (the world's most legendary soccer player).

Photo: EPA

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xavier said...

Well at least he's not like the Somalian shar'ia court militiamen who foolishly banned watching the World cup and closed the cinemas down to prevent 'corruption of the youth' and other idiocies