Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Scott Hahn's Covenant Scholarship

The eminent Christian scholar Scot McKnight has a post up on how to read the Bible. He mentions different hermeneutical views that stress the unity of the Bible, such as Brevard Childs' canonical approach. He goes on to mention the Founder of the Saint Paul Center, Scott Hahn.
America’s best scholar on covenant Bible reading is Scott Hahn, the former evangelical now Catholic theologian. His dissertation at Marquette was all about coveanant, and he wrote a book called A Father Who Keeps His Promises, but he is now at work on a big-time book on covenant theology. I’m really excited about what he will propose.
McKnight is always interesting to read and exemplifies Christian charity in his scholarship. Be sure to read the rest of his post.


Moonshadow said...

Is Dr. Hahn slipping back into Presbyterianism? Covenant theology is such a major component of Reformed theology.

I know that the Reformed tradition does not have a monopoly on covenant theology and that like everything they got it from Augustine. My own pastor has been emphasizing God's covenant towards us a lot lately. And, consequently, I've been meaning to ask him whether he used to be a Presbyterian.

But ours is more a mixture of covenantalism and dispensationalism, because we give regard to the enduring nature of God's promises to the Jewish people.

I welcome being "straightened out" on this because the degree to which we subscribe to covenant theology hasn't been clear to me lately.

Slatts said...

Is Dr. Hahn slipping back into Presbyterianism? Not likely! He would say that it was his study of the covenant that led him to Catholicism.

Covenant theology from a Catholic perspective seems to me to stress a great deal the Liturigcal aspect of establishing and renewing covenant bonds. It also acts as comprehensive theme by which to make the deposit of faith applicable life.

Maybe when Dr. Hahn's new book on covenant theology comes out we will have more understanding of the role of this theological outlook in the Catholic world.

Terry said...

I don't think Hahn is slipping backwards. The understanding of Covenant - the Family of God - is the way to understand Catholiism. We are structured like a family, with the Holy Father, and priests as fathers, nuns as mothers, and we as brothers and sisters.