Saturday, June 24, 2006

Scripture and the Liturgy

"From the earliest days of the church, the reading of Scripture has been an integral part of the Christian liturgy, an inheritance to some extent from the liturgy of the synagogue. Today, too, it is above all through the liturgy that Christians come into contact with Scripture, particularly during the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist.

"In principle, the liturgy, and especially the sacramental liturgy, the high point of which is the eucharistic celebration, brings about the most perfect actualization of the biblical texts, for the liturgy places the proclamation in the midst of the community of believers, gathered around Christ so as to draw near to God. Christ is then 'present in his word, because it is he himself who speaks when sacred Scripture is read in the church' (Sacrosanctum Concilium, 7). Written text thus becomes living word.

"The liturgical reform initiated by the Second Vatican Council sought to provide Catholics with rich sustenance from the Bible. The triple cycle of Sunday readings gives a privileged place to the Gospels, in such a way as to shed light on the mystery of Christ as principle of our salvation. By regularly associating a text of the Old Testament with the text of the Gospel, the cycle often suggests a Scriptural interpretation moving in the direction of typology. But, of course, such is not the only kind of interpretation possible."

--From the 1993 document, The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church (IV, C, 1), issued by the Pontifical Biblical Commission.


Inspector Fruiteau said...

Today's readings were especially well constructed. The mighty creative and sustaining power of God over the seas as told to Job. Selections from Ps. 107, telling of the wonderful mercy of God to the sea-farers in trouble. And then Jesus calming the sea for his disciples.

I had a wonderful sense of the unity of the scriptures today.

It's amazing how you can read a passage your entire life, and miss certain things. Today was the first time I heard that there were other boats following Jesus and His disciples on the tumultuous sea. As Paul Harvey would say, I wonder if they new "the rest of the story?"

DimBulb said...

Steps have been taken to get the prayers of our liturgy "on track", one can only hope that something will be done about the lousy bible translation we have.

Aaron G said...

I disagree with the "privileged place to the Gospels." I don't think we can read Jesus/Gospels back into the Hebrew documents. In my church (Anglican) we stand up for the Gospel reading but sit for the other 3. I find this an arbitrary preference...but I know that not all agree with me!