Tuesday, July 11, 2006

An Early 20th Century Scholar Who Took On Q

Mark Goodacre has a post up on his site on the Q scepticism of E. W. Lummis, an early twentieth century biblical scholar. Here's an excerpt Goodacre gives us from an article Lummis wrote in 1925...

"My grudge against 'Q' is this, that it inaugurated a vicious fashion in New Testament scholarship. Instead of obeying the tenor of facts that lay before them, scholars have taken to calling up imaginary documents out of the unknown. There is not the slightest scrap of evidence for 'Q,' or for 'Corrected Mark,' or for Dr Stanton's 'other documents' which served as sources both for Matthew and for Luke, or for such special selective assimilation as he posits in the ancestral manuscripts of the New Testament. Such facile fabrications, invented to evade the clear suggestion of the actual texts as we have them, are a sin against learning. Nor can I understand the grounds of the obstinate refusal of divines to admit—in face of overwhelming evidence—that Luke was acquainted with Matthew."

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up said...

"A sin against learning." That about sums it up, Michael.

Love your blog, by the way.