Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tagged by DimBulb

DimBulb has tagged me for a meme: "If you could meet and have a deep conversation with any five people on earth, living or dead, from any time period, who would they be?"

Following his lead, I've added some questions I might pose...
1. Jesus: First question:What should I want to talk to you about? Second question: What did you say to the apostles during those forty days?
2. Mary: First question: What did Jesus talk about at the dinner table?
3. Paul: First question: 'Fess up. You wrote Ephesians, right?
4. Thomas Aquinas: First question: What do you think of Karl Rahner?
5. Matthew the Evangelist: First question: People are now saying Mark wrote first--your thoughts?

Here are a few runner-ups:
Mark: First question: Some people are now saying Q wrote first--your thoughts?
Author of Hebrews: So you do prefer "Paul" to "Saul", right?
James: First question: Paul--discuss.
Moses: First question: How do you ennumerate the Ten Commandments?
Aaron: First question: How did you know how to make a golden calf?
King David: First question: So you did exist?
Noah: First question: This gopher wood sounds pretty sturdy... Where can I get me some?
Abraham: First question: You seem good at breaking bad news. God commands you to circumcise all the males in your household--how do you start that conversation?
Solomon: First question: Tell me the date of your wedding anniversaries.
Jude: First question: Was papyrus in low supply in your area or did you simply lend it all to Matthew? Seems like it was almost "impossible" to find some in your area.
Esau: First question: But in your defense, would you say that it was exceptionally good pottage?


DimBulb said...

Very funny!

Scott said...

Funny stuff. I love the question to Abraham.