Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Joshua: a New Moses

Jesus' name in Hebrew is "Joshua". It is often hard for us to appreciate the significance of this. What connection is there between Jesus and Joshua? Well, Joshua is presented as a New Moses--much like Jesus later is.

Like Moses, Joshua...
-- rules Israel with the book of the law Moses had written (Josh 1:8-9)
-- leads Israel through waters that are miraculously parted (the Red Sea/the Jordan) (Josh 3-4)
-- removes his shoes in the presence of God (Josh 5:15; Exod 3:5)
-- intercedes for the nation when they have transgressed the covenant (Josh 7:7-9; Exod 32:11-14; Deut 9:25-29)
-- leads them in a Passover (Josh 5:10-11; Exod 11-12)
-- serves a military leader (Joshua 12:1-6: Moses’ victories; 12:7-24: Joshua’s victories)
-- makes provisions for the allotment of the land (Josh 13:8-32, 14:1ff)
-- renews the covenant (Joshua follows the prescriptions laid out by Moses in Deut 27:1-8 (cf. Josh 8)

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