Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All Nations Under God

Here's a great snippet from Peter Leithart's book, From Silence to Song (2003), 50:
"We are so used to Psalms and Prophets inviting Gentiles to worship Yahweh that we forget how innovative it was in the time of David. In the songs and hymns recorded earlier in Scripture, Gentiles are included only as enemies to be crushed, killed, dashed, drowned and hammered in the head."


DimBulb said...

The subject matter of that quote about pagans in the time of david would make an interesting post!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what this quote is alluding to, that God used to be much more vengeful and wrathful towards those of other faiths? That would seem to indicate that God has since "changed his position" which would fly in the face of how we know God to be, which is unchangeable and eternal. I recall reading in the Old testament that God wasn’t favoring the Jews because they were somehow better than the Gentiles, but because the Gentiles had so consistently and for so long worshipped idols, made sacrifices to false Gods, and had angered Him as they engaged in any number of bad practices (i.e. human sacrifice, incest, etc.).I also remember reading (though I am not sure that it is biblical, it does come up in some Jewish rituals), when the angels were celebrating the Jews’ release from captivity after having been liberated from the bondage to the Egyptians and God silences them, saying that He is in mourning because those Egyptians who were swallowed by the Red Sea were also his children. Also, God sends an angel to personally care for and look after Ishmael and his mother when they flee into the desert, and Ishmael of course is the offspring of Abraham and his wife's maid who traditionally is seen as the "father" of the Arab people. So in other words, it seems to me that God called upon the Jews to "kill, dash, drown, etc" the Gentiles rather grudgingly and with much sorrow, as He has always longed for ALL of us to come back to HIM who created each of us in order that He might love us.