Thursday, December 07, 2006

Digging Up The Past

A couple of interesting archeological finds have been made public this week.

First, there is the exciting news about the possible discovery of the bones of St. Paul under St. Paul's in Rome. AmericanPapist has the best post on that so far.

Then there is also news of some finds in Jerusalem.

The most valuable find so far, Barkay believes, is a clay seal impression discovered last year. Its incomplete Hebrew lettering appears to name Ge’aliyahu, son of Immer. Immer is the name of a family of temple officials mentioned in Jeremiah 20:1.
Here's the full story on that.

And finally, there is this... a dig even Dr. Jones might run from.

After decades of researching the area of the Dead Sea, scholars have discovered precious documents and artifacts. Now, it seems they are really desperate for a new find. I kid you not - they are now analyzing the toilets the Qumran community used.
And, no, there were no other documents found nearby in a magazine rack.

I am, of course, half-kidding (note, I said "half"). Apparently the site gives us new insight into the community whose ritual concerns prescribed certain...well, practices. The long and short of it is that it wasn't the healthiest system. Near the end of the article one archeologist recalls, ""The graveyard at Qumran is the unhealthiest group I have ever studied in over 30 years."

(Of course, it is the Dead Sea Community.)

Here's that story.

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