Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mercy Beat to the Mersey Beat

I love biblical studies and theology. But there's a whole other side of me I never post on--my love for music, and especially, The Beatles.

I don't really get to it much here because this blog is really about biblical studies...but now I've got an odd opportunity to mention something Fab here.
Apparently, one of my favorite New Testament shares my affinity for the greatest rock band of all-time. Dale Allison--world famous for his many contributions to biblical studies--has a new one to make. But this one has little to do with Matthew, Mark or Luke. Allison has written a new book on George Harrison.

Here's the link.

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Anonymous said...

Michael, (as you know), Allison is one of my favorite New Testament scholars as well. This isn't the first tiem he's put his pen to spiritual writings, however. For anyone interested in an absolutely amazing spiritual treatise, Allison's new book "The Luminous Dusk," is a brilliant critique of how modernity has systematically cut off humanity from silence, prayer, contemplation, and ascetic discipline (the subtitle is "Finding God in the Deep, Still Places). The book is a reprint and was originally published as "The Silence of Angels," drawing on the ancient Jewish reverence for silence based on the tradition that the angels worship God in silence. Unfortunately, it made zero splash but Eerdmans, in their wisdom, has picked it up and reprinted it. I read it in the hospital immediately after my first child was born and it had a profound impact on my spiritual life. I highly, highly recommend it for contemplative reading. As for the Beatles being the greatest rock band of all time... well, we'll have to talk that one over in private.