Thursday, December 14, 2006

Under Investigation

The parish which JP Catholic (the University where I teach) belongs to has become the victim of some seriously sick vandalism. The story is making the news out here.

Police have launched a full investigation.

NBC's local affiliate station picks up the story:

SAN DIEGO -- Police are looking for the person or group of people responsible for vandalizing a statue of Jesus, 10News reported.

It happened Thursday night at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Mira Mesa.

... The statue was painted with obscenities, pentagrams and swastikas.

The images are too shocking and blasphemous for me to include here.

The article quotes the Fr. Michael Robinson, the wonderful pastor of Good Shepherd, as explaining: ""The statue is only a symbol of what really exists in this church and that's the spirit of Christ that lives in each part of the parishioners we have here and we will continue to be that out in the world."

His homilies in the wake of this episode have been amazing. This priest is extremely well-read. In fact, he knows Ratzinger's work extremely well!

Please pray for Good Shepherd parish during this difficult and scary time. Please also pray for the continued safety of all those who work at the church.


Police have made an arrest and others are pending. Watch the news report video here. I guess I can say it since it is in the video--the vandalism hasn't been limited to one incident but has been continuing since the initial attack last Friday, with other graffiti appearing over the nights in various places on the church's property.


Anonymous said...

"Father forgive them for they know not what they do" Luke 23:34

DimBulb said...

Sorry to hear about your church. I live in a small city in upstate New York and the biggest problem we have is with little kids picking tulips out of the church flower gardens on Mother's day weekend.

I've finally gotten around to reading your book COMING SOON and have only 38 more pages to go. Nicely done! I've been blogging on some of the OT prophets (just brief notes) and hope to start on some NT books soon; however, Revelation won't be one of them. When and if I ever do tackle Revelation I'll be consulting your work, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

This is the second case of vandalism at a Catholic Church in San Diego in two weeks. Do the police see them as related?

Michael Barber said...


Not that I know of.