Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rambo's Conversion Story

I've been following the news about Stallone's return to the faith here on this blog. According to Stallone, the next Rambo movie will involve a story where Rambo has a kind of conversion to Christianity.

I was just thinking... this is just what we need.

I would love to see Saint Joseph's Communications put out a Rambo conversion story talk:

I've got some ideas for the title.
--Rambo: Guided Missal
--Rambo: Deploying the Roman Canon
--Rambo: Knives of the Saints
--How God Healed The Wound I Couldn't Stitch On My Own

It would also be interesting to see Rambo learn apologetics. I would love to hear, in Rambo's distinctive voice: "Adelphos in Greek does not always refer to brothers from the same mother--it can also refer to other close relatives." Or, "Heos does not always imply that the state of things changes after a certain point in time."

Perhaps his style of apologetics would be more direct--"Apologetics? I ain't apologizing. Now, you tell me--why are you sorry for saying that about Mother Church?"

Of course, Rambo won the cold war--perhaps he could also effect some other momentous events.
--He could bring about a reunification with the Greek Orthodox. We've been going about this all wrong. I say the Pope sends Rambo in.
--Does the Pope have a problem with a bishop somewhere? Forget the nuncios, send Rambo.
--What? Someone is not following Liturgiam Authenticam? One name can settle the liturgy wars: Rambo.
--I read the Pope wants to reform the Roman Curia. There's an answer... his name, "Rambo."
--Also, Hagia Sophia still looked beautiful from the pictures I saw during the Pope's visit. I'm just saying...


houseofsims said...

I'd love to see Rambo crouching in the jungle assessing his impending assault of the bad guy's compound in light of the "Just War Theory."

Michael F. Bird said...

Rambo the Christian - this, I gotta see! I just hope Stallone does let himself get roped into "Left Behind III".