Tuesday, February 06, 2007

12 Women in Exodus 1-2 (?)

Some have noted that in Exodus 1-2 we read about 12 women: two righteous midwives (Shiph'rah and Pu'ah) (Exod 1:15-21), Moses’ mother (Exod 2:1ff.), Moses' sister (Exod 2:4ff.), Pharaoh’s daughter (Exod 2:5ff.), and Jethro’s seven daughters (Exod 2:16).

“The twelve tribes owe their deliverance to twelve daughters”―J. C. Exum

I like this... my only problem with it is that we are told of Pharaoh's daughter's "maidens" (2:5), one of whom retrieves the basket (tevah) which contains the child Moses. How do they fit in? Why include all seven of Jethro's daughters and not the maidens of Pharaoh's daughter?

If it was a neater fit I might be more persuaded.

What think ye?

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