Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jesus and the Restoration of the Davidic Kingdom (1.2. Part 5: Conclusion)

In conclusion, it is apparent that Davidic hopes played a key role in the second temple period. Collins writes,

There was a dominant notion of a Davidic messiah, as the king who would restore the kingdom of Israel, which was part of the common Judaism around the turn of the era. There were also, however, minor messianic strands, which envisaged a priestly messiah, or an anointed prophet or a heavenly Son of Man.[1]
In fact, the New Testament itself should be taken as evidence of first-century Davidic aspirations in Jewish circles. As we shall see, the Davidic restoration may be found at the heart of Jesus’ agenda. First, however, we must look at the Davidic covenant a little more closely. That will be the subject we will tackle next.
What follows will inevitably lead us to the question Brant poses below, namely the role of David as New Adam. We're just warming up.
[1] Collins, The Scepter, 209.

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