Thursday, February 22, 2007

Logos Bible Software

I just installed my Logos Bible Software program (Scholars' edition; silver) onto my new laptop and upgraded to version 3.0.

Wow. It is much easier to use! What a great tool!

I can't believe Logos has the entire International Greek Commentary version available! In other words, you could type in a passage and immediately see the commentary from the series. Of course, the price tag for that add-on is a little too rich for me--$600! I'm still partial to old-fashioned paper, but the convenience of having everything so easily linked cannot be denied. I can't help but wonder if they are going to get any other great commentary series.

Any thoughts out there on Bible software with scholarly tools (e.g., tools for Greek, Hebrew, links to patristic works, etc.)?


Anonymous said...

Isn't Hermeneia available now for..wait for it...just under $1000.


Jeff Miller said...

Logos is pretty awesome and quite easy to use. Though some of the commentaries crack me up at time. Sometimes with Protestant commentaries and a passage that has a specifically Catholic ring to it they go overboard to denounce that interpretation. Plus it makes to laugh me up to read words like Romanist and Papists.

Though the Company itself is quite Catholic friendly and I think is currently working with Ignatius press. I hope they come out with a version of the RSV-CE 2nd edition soon. (Though they do have the first RSV-CE)

Logos also released this year a Catholic Bible Study edition that with the standard translations includes the Vulgate and the Early Church Fathers: Catholic Edition (38 Volumes) along with a wealth of other resources.

Apologist Steve Ray's daughter runs a web store that sells Logos and other products and they have the Scholar's silver for 879.45.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words and the link, Michael!

Since you wonder what other commentaries are available for Logos, you might be interested in this growing list of 34 multi-volume commentary sets. For each set there's a brief description and label as to intended audience.

Of course, our on-going prepublication discount program means there's ever more on the way!

Daniel Foster
Logos Bible Software