Friday, March 09, 2007

Genesis to Jesus

For the past few years I've been involved with developing Bible study programs for the Saint Paul Center. The Center's overall Bible study program is called, Journey Through Scripture. The first bible study in that program is Genesis to Jesus, which I co-authored with Kimberly Hahn.

I'm so excited about this Bible study program. In seven weeks we go through the major covenants of salvation history: (1) Creation (2) Noah (3) Abraham (4) Moses (5) David (6) Jesus. Students here get the "big picture" of salvation history.

I like to tell people that the program gives you familiarity with the main highways which run through Scripture. Once you know those highways you are then able to get off and explore the surface streets of the various individual books of Scripture. So, for example, before you study 2 Chronicles, where we discover Solomon constructing the temple on mount Moriah (cf. 2 Chron 3:1), you'll want to know that Moriah was also the place where Abraham once sacrificed his son and where Abraham once said, "God will provide himself the lamb" (Genesis 22:8).

That's important. Knowing those big-picture things will help you when you're studying the book of Chronicles in detail--especially when you're studying the liturgical significance of the reigns of David and Solomon.

The program is also oriented towards the liturgy and the lectionary--those passages read together in the lectionary are often studied together throughout the program. So, for example, since the lectionary links Matthew 16 with Isaiah 22, when we get to Matthew 16 and Peter's role, we also turn to Isaiah 22.

There are visual aids, students notes--everything you would need to lead a bible study group. Of course, the Saint Paul Center has special training seminars for those who wish to present the material to others. For more information on the program, go here.

Genesis to Jesus is up on here (you can pre-order; it will be available later this month).


Brant Pitre said...

Congratulations, Michael! I wish I could crank out books like you do. And a great looking cover, to boot! That's important, you know.

DimBulb said...

I often encourage people to look at online studies at the St Paul's Center. I especially recommend GENESIS TO JESUS and COVENANT LOVE: INTRODUCING THE BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW to those in my Bible study group who have never attempted (or who have failed previous attempts) to read the Bible in a meaningful way.

By the way, your link to the St Paul's center in the post was not activated.