Sunday, April 15, 2007

Best Biblical Studies Blogs--We Made The List!!!

Once again I've learned something interesting from Chris Tilling.

Apparently UnSpun--a site associated with (which is frequented by this blogger several times each week)--has run a list of the Top 50 Best Biblical Studies Blogs. These are generally scholarly blogs--not popular/apologetic sites.

Singing In The Reign is currently #11 out of 50! I don't really know if that means anything--but it was nice to be mentioned! Mark Goodacre's New Testament Gateway and Chris Tilling's Chrisendom come in at #1 & #2. Kudos to them--they deserve it.

I've discovered a couple of new blogs because of this list--I'm eager to start reading them.

There's something else I should mention--Singing In The Reign is the only blog written by Catholics on the list!

If you'd like to help us out--please cast your vote by going here.

I was wrong above to say that there were only 50 blogs on the list--there are actually more than 60. I have also learned of one other Catholic blog on the list--Airton José da Silva's site Observatório Bíblico. In fact, it was he who started the list!


Chris Tilling said...

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love YOUR blog!