Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hahn on Easter & Mystagogy

Scott's latest is up at the St. Paul Center site. I love this quote:

". . . mystagogy describes all our work here at the St. Paul Center. We encourage the study of Scripture everywhere by everyone—through scholarship, devotional readings, Bible study groups, on-line programs. At the center of all of our programs is mystagogy. We read the Bible from the heart of the Church, and the heart of the Church—its source and summit—is the Church’s sacramental liturgy."
I am so proud that this blog is connected with the St. Paul Center, which continues to do great work. Of course, both Brant Pitre and I are associated with the SPC. In fact, we will both be speaking with Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins at the Fullness of Truth Conference in Texas in June (June 23-24). For more information go here. I can't wait to get some time in with these guys!

Read the rest of Scott's article here.


Danny Garland Jr. said...

You just can't get enough of Mystagogy! Dr. Hahn's class is the perfect place for it!

I've been thinking lately about writing my dissertation on mystagogy (when the time comes). We'll see what happens....

Anonymous said...


I am so excited about seeing you in Houston! (I'm only 1 hour west of H-town in Brenham)

Anonymous said...

There we go... now it shows my full name.