Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Pope Benedict!

This Sunday the Pope becomes an octogenerian! In honor of this auspicious occassion and in honor of his new book on the historical Jesus, I thought I'd post this great quote from Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Behold the Pierced One: An Approach to a Spiritual Christology (G. Harrison, trans.; San Francisco: Ignatius, 1986 [1984]), 44-5:

"From a purely scientific point of view, the legitimacy of an interpretation depends on its power to explain things. In other words, the less it needs to interfere with the sources, the more it respects the corpus as given and is able to show it to be intelligible from within, by its own logic, the more apposite such an interpretation is. Conversely, the more it interferes with the sources, the more it feels obliged to excise and throw doubt on things found there, the more alien to the subject it is. To that extent, its explanatory power is also its ability to maintain the inner unity of the corpus in question. It involves the ability to unify, to achieve a synthesis, which is the reverse of superficial harmonization. Indeed, only faith’s hermeneutic is sufficient to measure up to these criteria."

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Anonymous said...

I got my (german) copy of »Jesus of Nazareth« today! - Great book! Happy birthday, Holy Father!

Many Greetings from the Rhineland,