Friday, April 27, 2007

Out of town until Monday I won't be blogging over the weekend. I know I've been absent this week from the blogdom, but it's been a crazy week. I'm working up a post on Jeremiah 31, the Last Supper and nuptial imagery in the Eucharist. Tune in on Monday when I will resume posting.

And, man, isn't Brant a great addition over here! What posts!


Anonymous said...

yes, he is a great addition. I just recently discovered this blog, and I have enjoyed it thus far. I am a Protestant with Catholic friends who has been looking into Catholicism. It's refreshing to see serious scholarship coming from you guys. Keep up the great work and God bless.

- Rob

UP said...

Hey, Mike, where were you this past weekend?

Michael Barber said...

Hey UP,

I was invited to speak in Corpus Christi, TX. I gave two talks: "The Bible, Literature, and Movies: How Stories Teach Morality" & "Prayer, Scripture and Contemplation: How to Pray Like the Saints"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. We need to get together one of these days soon.