Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pitre & Barber Podcast

Yesterday Brant and I appeared on Catholic Answers Radio and talked for two hours about the resurrection of Jesus. The first hour was devoted to the historical debates concerning the resurrection, while the second hour focused on the theological implications of Jesus' rising from the dead.

In addition to clicking on the hyperlinks above, you can download the show onto your iPod for free by opening iTunes, going to the store and entering "Catholic Answers" into the search box. The podcast will then come up and you can "subscribe".

If anyone is reading this in Rome, please let the Holy Father know he can hear us on his iPod.
I'm hoping to have Brant come on my Friday radio show sometime this month (perhaps this Friday!), for an encore... stay posted.

1 comment:

Jeff Miller said...

I listened to both hours as a podcast.

Great job!