Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Biblical Carnival XVIII

Deinde is hosting the next Biblical Studies Carnival. He writes...
The month is coming to a close and the May biblioblog carnival will be hosted by yours truly. Please take the time over the next 2 or 3 days to send your recommendations to biblical_studies_carnival AT, where I will receive them. And be sure to follow the submission procedure!

I have to say, I really appreciate these Carnivals--they are great! I am especially grateful to all those who have put them together. Of all the blogger carnivals these are by far my favorite. For a list of past carnivals see the right hand column here.

...And don't forget to nominate posts that you like--last month there were a shockingly low number of submissions! The process to nominate isn't really that difficult--click on over and find out how to submit a post.

I, however, know one post that will not get a mention from me. It's Chris Tilling's latest. We are all very disappointed that the biblioblogosphere has gone into such a steep decline that this now qualifies as a post.
That was mean... Chris, I hope you're feeling better soon. By the way, I've got a book suggestion for you that you may enjoy (though you've probably already got it)--it's Martin Hengel's Studies in Early Christology. You might want to check it out.


Jim said...

SMACK! That cracking sound is Tilling's heart breaking at being called out!


Chris Tilling said...

*Bursts into tears*

*Plots revenge*

Michael Barber said...


Oh... yes, I get it. What book were you going to recommend?