Sunday, June 10, 2007

Augustine on the Sermon on the Mount

Augustine, On the Lord’s Sermon: “I think that whoever meditates in earnest love upon the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount, found in St. Matthew’s Gospel, will find there a perfect model for Christian living… At the close of the Sermon we see that it has brought together all the precepts we need for our guidance in life… I have made these observations to show that this Sermon is perfect, since it gives us all the precepts needed for Christian living."


Elizabeth Mary said...

The most powerful Catholic preaching I ever witnessed was by lay evangelist Charlie Osburn and his associate David Stewart, with Good News Ministries--on the Sermon on the Mount as the "Magna Carta of Heaven." They plunge into it deeply. How Charlie lives the actualized Gospel in his life is a radical witness. If you ever get a chance to go through his School of Catholic Evangelization, do so. It changed my life. Lots of audio can be found at:

He was a wealthy, powerful man who gave EVERYTHING to the poor and who forgave his neighbor for sexually molesting his children...which brought the neighbor to reconciliation with Christ and he died shortly thereafter.

David Stewart teaches powerfully on the wisdom of Christ seeming to be insanity to the wisdom of the world--the Two Ways. Very Didache for today.

Highly recommended!!!

steven chaisson said...

I too, have heard Charlie teach the sermon on mount, it was next best thing to actually hearing Jesus teaching himself, thank you Jesus for giving me that experience, it has changed my life and the world around me