Saturday, June 02, 2007

Caught in the Web

Peter Kirby, an expert in the early Church fathers (see his extremely well-known site Early Christian Writings, full of great resources), explains why he became a Christian in a new post from his blog The Darkling Thrush. Tip of the hat to Michael Bird for that one.

You can find a number of great popular level Catholic blogs on the web. Without taking anything away from them, I have to say that I especially appreciate those blogs written by Catholic writers who are academic in their outlook. In that spirit I want to highlight one blogger whom Brant and I have been talking a lot about (and interacting with) quite a bit recently. You've probably seen his name in our com-box.

Taylor Marshall runs the blog Canterbury Tales. The title of the blog is an allusion to his personal background. Marshall is a former Episcopal priest who recently came into the Catholic Church. He is currently the Assistant Director of the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C., however, in the Fall he begins Ph.D. work at the University of Dallas.

He just recently posted some interesting thoughts on the "elemental spirits" mentioned by Paul in Galatians. I encourage you all to check out his site...


Anonymous said...

If I may, I would like to second that. I've been reading Taylor's blog for quite a while and he consistently has interesting posts.

John McBryde

Elizabeth Mary said...

I like the CIC podcasts he does. Keepers! His talks or guests. Lots of Jewish themes. I'm sorely bummed when there's a mechanical malfunction and a talk isn't there in whole.

Go to iTunes and search for "The K Street Catholic" and subscribe!