Monday, June 04, 2007

Pope Benedict on NY Times Best Seller List

Pope Benedict's book is currently #8 on both the New York Times Best Seller List as well as the Wall Street Journal's Best Seller List.

A book on Jesus written by a believer who wants to demonstrate that it makes good historical sense to "trust the Gospels"--and in little over a month it sells over 1.5 million copies.

And it is written by the current Pope.

What a great time be a Catholic!!!


Jennifer Merkel said...

I can just see Our Lord and our Papa, John Paul II, smiling together as they watch this "Good and Faithful Servant" spreading the Gospel! How wonderful it is to have lived within the Pontificates of TWO of the greatest men ever to give their lives in His service.

Anonymous said...

Errr...Fr.Raymond Brown served on the Pontifical Biblical Commission during the administration of John Paul II with Ratzinger at CDF. While I think Brown was awesome in breath of knowledge (not depth which is very separate), he was a major problem with people trusting in the Gospels in for example his unsupported and imaginative contention that Mary never said the Magnificat/ that it was put in the gospel by Luke so that it would parallel Old Testament canticles by other heroic women/ and that Luke probably found it in the writings of anawim of his time ( Birth of the Messiah,p.349). Neither John Paul nor then Ratzinger seemed to have read Brown enough to have had a problem with Brown being in the PBC...Pontifical Biblical Commission. Yet he could have been one of the reasons due to light reading of him that John Paul tried to reverse near millenia explicit or implicit consensus on the death penalty's being "uncruel" so to speak...and Brown could have had an effect on John Paul's misstep on trying to make the mutual subjection of spouses of Ephesians void what should have been parallel wifely subjection insisted on in section 74 of Casti Cannubbi in the strongest language by Pius XI....not to mention in 5 other New Testament passages....(see Dignitatem Mulieris, sect.24, par.3&4 and and the Theology of the Body section 89.3-4). On both issues, John Paul II avoided the very passages that contradicted the view he wanted to propound so that in all the Evangelium Vitae paragraphs on the death penalty, not one mention is made of Romans 13:4 and on husband headship, fully 5 passages demanding wifely obedience go uncited. Such a habitus is made easier by a person like Brown whenever he "demythologizes" a passage like the one on the magnificat.

kentuckyliz said...

I've bought the book, among many others; my problem is my gluttony for spiritual reading. My concupiscence is a good Catholic bookstore. I must possess .....

I look forward to having some quiet time to read it. The deep mystery of this person Jesus is so engaging. I want to gaze upon his face all the days of my life! I look forward to knowing the fresh ways that Papa Benedetto will help me to know my Beloved.

The apostolic anchoress

Schmilga3000 said...

this book is simply amazing and should be required reading for JP Catholic. that's it.