Friday, July 13, 2007

Diogenes on the Coverage of the New Bishop of Baltimore

Diogenes has a very funny post up on the news coverage of the Pope's recent appointment of the new Bishop of Baltimore. We don't normally cover such things here but this was so well-done I just had to link over to it.

Our hearty congratulations to the Baltimore Sun for its big scoop. Thanks to the Sun's diligent reporting, we now know that the incoming Archbishop of Baltimore agrees with the teachings of the Catholic Church!

Actually, come to think of it, we only know that Archbishop O'Brien supports Catholic teaching on homosexuality. If you search the secular media a bit, no doubt you can also find his views on abortion. But you won't find any reference, in the dozens of newspaper articles, to the newly appointed archbishop's stand on the the Donatist controversy, the filioque clause, or the liturgical practices of the NeoCatechumenate. Those issues don't pop up on the radar screens in the newsroom.

The mention of the Donatist controversy, which lasted from A.D. 311 to A.D. 411, cracked me up.

Read the rest here.

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