Friday, July 20, 2007

JP Catholic University: An Amazing Vision

At John Paul the Great Catholic University we are continuing to have great success.

We are pleased to announce that thanks to new donations we are available to offer even more scholarships for next year.

(By the way, this should give you some indication that this new school is not going away any time soon. Very few schools offer as much scholarship money as we do! Thankfully, we are blessed to have amazing management!)

If you don't know about this school yet, you need to take a few minutes and watch the Telly-award winning promotional video.

The school's emphasis is on Business and Media:

If you are interested in Media, come and...
--learn how to write scripts, direct, produce & much more!
--get hands-on training from Hollywood insiders who want to use the media to evangelize

Specifically, you will learn how to:
--Write successful screenplays and get them seen
--Direct, Produce and Edit for film, television, etc.
--Use computer animation and other hi-tech media tools
--Work with faithful Catholics who know the industry well!

If you are interested in Business, come and...
--learn about business by forming a real one … graduate with it up and running!
--Receive hands-on mentoring & guidance from successful Catholic professionals, who know what it means to be "in the world, but not of it"
--Form a business with other Catholics who share your passion for the faith!

Specifically, you will learn all about...
--Forming a successful business plan
--Financing your business
--Management & Human Resources
--Market research & E-commerce
--Applying Catholic teaching in the workplace and the industry

Every student must take a class in Catholic formation—Scripture, theology, philosophy, literature, art, music, etc.—every quarter!

And there's so much more about this school...

For more, go to, where we are reinventing Catholic higher education...



Anonymous said...

I just had a thought. I can recommend this to my nephew who has expressed interest in working in the media as a writer or director. He presently lives in San Diego and is in the Navy. Perhaps when he gets out he can attend. Say a prayer that he can be open to this.

David Silver said...

OK I watched the whole film and agree with those of you who said this was just a piece to start people thinking. As far as Christianity is concerned i.e. part 1, The important thing is the separation of the historical person Jesus and the stories about his birth and death etc. It seems there is credible basis to believe there was a charismatic preacher who defied the political and religeous leadership of his time who was done away with by the political elite. The teachings of jesus seems a good enough reason for large numbers of the disenfranchised to follow this charismatic leader. The problem arises when Christianity's publicists thought it was useful to use pre-existing myths to making Jesus into a god figure - things like the virgin birth, the 3 kings, Magi, resurection, miricles are totally irrelevant and actually divert the attention from the teachings of the historical Jesus which in part screems out against a corrupt religeous leadership, It would probably be the funniest thing that Jesus ever heard if he was told that those in the vatican or the orthodox churches in any way were preaching his message