Sunday, October 28, 2007

Correcting Tilling and West (fraternally, of course)

I just have a few corrections here to the previous suggestions made by Chris Tilling and Jim West. Here are the real alter-egos of bibliobloggers you know and love. The biblioblogger names are actually false identities used to mask their real names, thus hiding their true agendas...

Chris Tilling--Bishop J. S. Spong (although, if he was another biblioblogger, he would likely be a "Bird")

Jim West--Anna Reinhard

Danny Garland--Michael Collins

Michael Bird--"The TScholar3000"--a robot capable of producing six academic publications in one year

Josh McManaway--John Henry Newman

Mark Goodacre--John A. T. Robinson

I also want to add one:

Joel Willitts--Jimmy Hoffa


Danny Garland Jr. said...

I'm honored to be associated with Michael Collins....but my last name isn't 'Zacharias'!

Chris Tilling said...

Revenge is mine (last post)