Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fires Rage in San Diego (Where Michael lives)

Hey Everyone,

Sorry we've been away, but I've been extremely busy and Michael (if you didn't know) lives in San Diego now, where the fires are raging. So please pray for his safety (I've talked to him and he seems to be all right) and for the safety of John Paul the Great University where he works--as well as for all the other people of Southern California who are suffering right now.

On a matter of less importance, I've been preparing for the St. Paul Center's Letter and Spirit conference, which will be this weekend. I'll have updates next week as to how it went.

I'll also be taping a show with Dr. Scott Hahn for EWTN on Pope Benedict's new book on Jesus. So perhaps (hopefully) this will force me to finally do some (long overdue) posts on the book.

Thanks for your prayers for Michael and his friends and family in advance.


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Happy Bday to Michael.

My prayers are with all those affected by the fires.