Thursday, October 04, 2007

Jesus and the Restoration of the Davidic Kingdom (3.2.5. Restoring the Hut of David)

At the Council of Jerusalem, related by Luke in Acts 15, James links the inclusion of the Gentiles with Amos’ prophecy concerning the restoration of the fallen tent of David (cf. Acts 15:12-19). “The raising up of the hut of David is thus a brief but direct reference to the total program of God announced to David in 2 Sam 7.”[1] Similarly, Ravens writes, “Not only does Luke look for the restoration of Israel but he as provided many clues about what form that Israel will take: it will be a reunited Israel under Jesus Messiah, the new Davidic king.”[2]
[1] Strauss, The Davidic Messiah in Luke-Acts, 190.
[2] Ravens, Luke and Restoration of Israel, 105.

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