Friday, October 26, 2007

Surviving the Great San Diego Fire

I want to thank Brant for his kind post and I want to thank all of you who were praying for us. To say that the last week has been tense would be an understatement. The fires ravaging San Diego has been like nothing I've ever lived through.

I've been through major earthquakes, within a few miles of three simultaneous tornadoes, lived through the LA riots and experienced turbulence of the worst sort while flying over the Swiss Alps (the peaks were higher than the plane!)...

I've seen fire and I've seen rain... but I ain't never seen anything like this!

On Sunday night we got a call from Kathy, Kim's sister, and her husband that a fire had broken out near their home in Ramona, a city just outside San Diego County. They had to evacuate their home as the fire came over a nearby hill top and headed straight for their house. The fire was rough for them. David--Kathy's husband--came to stay with us until they allowed people to return there. Meanwhile, Kathy and their two young children went to her parents' house. David, Kim and I spent the week watching the fires carefully, hoping they wouldn't continue our way, while we carefully monitored the situation in Ramona. It was great spending time with David--if only it could have been under different circumstances!

Indeed, the fires continued to advance towards us. We had to evacuate the school on Monday afternoon. At one point one of the four San Diego fires actually advanced 8 miles in only 15 minutes!

In Ramona they even ran out of water!

It was scary, to say the least.

We live southwest of Ramona. Throughout the week fire that began there spread in just about every direction--except southwest. In fact, the fires have burned up much of San Diego county and over 900,000 people were forced to evacuate in San Diego.

I just unpacked my luggage tonight. We're now out of the woods--thanks be to God.

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Chris Tilling said...

Indeed, thanks be to God that you are all safe.

And a belated happy birthday - thank God for wives!