Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blog Find: Fr. Robert Barron

I've just discovered a new blog, Word on Fire. The blog belongs to Fr. Robert Barron, whose work has greatly interested me. Fr. Barron is the author of numerous books including, Bridging the Divide: Musings of a Post-Liberal, Post-Conservative Evangelical Catholic (Lenham, MD: Sheed and Ward, 2004) and The Priority of Christ: Toward a Postliberal Catholicism (Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2007).

As a professor at JP Catholic--a school where a large number of the students are studying media and the role faith has to play fo those working in that area--I also feel compelled to tell you that Fr. Barron is also a bit of a film critic. Here is his review of The Departed (2006)--not a movie I'd necessarily recommend, though the review is quite interesting. Also here is his review of Fargo (1996).

Go ahead and check Fr. Barron out!

For more about Fr. Barron check out Carl Olson's interview with him.

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