Saturday, July 05, 2008

Name the Author: "Historical Criticism Like the Devil"

It's time for another edition of the "Name That Author Contest"!

This one's for double points.

Who said the following?
"Give the historical method an inch and it will take a mile. From a strictly orthodox standpoint, therefore, it seems to bear a certain similarity to the devil."

Now come on everyone--take your best shot. The clock is ticking...


Anonymous said...


Nathan Eubank

Brant Pitre said...

Albert Schweitzer, it must be Albert.

One of his great virtues was his ability to call it like he saw it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brant.
It is Troeltsch, in his essay on the difference between the historical and dogmatic methods.

Nathan Eubank

DimBulb said...

I was thinking Karl Barth.

Paul Cat said...

Ernst Troeltsch. Do I win a prize?

Sam Marsh said...

Was there a conclusion?!

Love the quote :-)

Sam Marsh