Sunday, September 14, 2008

Appeals to Scholarly Consensus

"[S]cholarship can rarely appeal to a consensus for anything other than moral support.”
--Scot McKnight, “Jesus of Nazereth,” in The Face of New Testament Studies: A Survey of Recent Research (ed. S. McKnight and G. R. Osborne; Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2004), 170.

[Note: I have been looking for this quote for the last two hours. I knew I read it somewhere, but I couldn't remember where. I thought I had read it in Bockmuehl's book, Seeing the Word and then thought maybe it came from Allison's, Jesus of Nazareth. I was just about to give up. Then, immediately after asking St. Anthony, patron of lost things, to join me in prayer, it came to me where I saw it. No kidding. It came to me immediately. I wish I had it on video. So to celebrate St. Anthony's help I'm posting it here so that at least all the time hunting it down can be chalked up to a good blog post! Just goes to show, it never hurts to ask someone in heaven pray for you!]

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