Thursday, November 06, 2008

St. Paul Center Website 2.0 and Letter & Spirit, vol. 4

A couple of new things available from the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology.

First, the SPC has radically revamped its website. All I can say is, wow, what a transformation!

I especially like the running blog from Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilina. Go check it here.

Of course of the most impressive things the St. Paul Center is responsible for is its academic journal, Letter and Spirit. The latest edition, Temple and Contemplation: God’s Presence in the Cosmos, Church, and Human Heart is now available.

I just ordered a copy--I couldn't wait any longer!--and I'll be talking more about it after I've received it. In particular, I'm excited about the article written by SITR co-blogger, Brant Pitre: "Jesus, the New Temple, and the New Priesthood". His article focuses on the same themes I'm treating in my dissertation, which is entitled, "The Historical Jesus and Cultic Restoration Eschatology: The New Temple, the New Priesthood and the New Cult in the Synoptic Gospels."

Here's the full Table of Contents. I can honestly say that I'm excited about reading this cover to cover:

Towards a Theology of the Tabernacle and its Furniture--Gary A. Anderson

Jesus, the New Temple, and the New Priesthood--Brant Pitre

The Rejected Stone and the Living Stones: Psalm 118:22–23 and New Testament Christology and Ecclesiology--Michael Giesler
Temple, Sign, and Sacrament: Towards a New Perspective on the Gospel of John--Scott W. Hahn
Temple, Holiness, and the Liturgy of Life in Corinthians--Raymond Corriveau, C.S.s.R.
The Indwelling of Divine Love: The Revelation of God’s Abiding Presence in the Human Heart--Thomas Dubay, S. M.
Living Stones in the House of God: The Temple and the Renewal of Church Architecture--Denis R. McNamara

“The Mystery of His Will”: Contemplating the Divine Plan in Ephesians--William A. Bales

“You Are Gods, Sons of the Most High”: Deification and Divine Filiation in St. Cyril of Alexandria and the Early Fathers--Daniel A. Keating
Scripture, Doctrine, and Proclamation: The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Renewal of Homiletics--John C. Cavadini
The Sign of the Temple: A Meditation--Jean Cardinal DaniƩlou
Church, Kingdom, and the Eschatological Temple--Yves M.-J. Cardinal Congar
Christopher J. H. Wright, The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative
Aidan Nichols, Lovely Like Jerusalem
Robert L. Wilken, Isaiah: Interpreted by Early Christian and Medieval Commentators
John T. Pennington, Heaven and Earth in the Gospel of Matthew
The Great Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide, 4 vols.
Matthew A. Levering, Participatory Exegesis
G. K. Beale and D. A. Carson, eds., Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament


Brant Pitre said...

Looks fantastic!!--except for that second article by the dolt Pitre.

But seriously, in the last few years I've personally met fellows like Daniel Keating, Gary Anderson, Dennis McNamara, and Bill Bales. This looks to me like it will be the best Letter and Spirit yet. If anyone out there is interested in the future of biblical theology, this is must read.

I just wonder, when will I get my authors copieS... St. Paul center, are you listening???

Bookman said...

Do any of the articles in this issue cover the Book of Hebrews in any way?