Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do You "Pisseth" Correctly?

Okay, this post is a little, um, irreverent. But I just had to do this. . .

Over at the blog Theology Matters there's a post regarding a video of a pastor preaching that Jesus actually wore "pants" and not a "dress". His view is largely based on his assumption that the King James Version is the only truly inspired English Bible.

Now, I realize that this stuff is a little silly. But I just couldn't resist posting this video, which I first saw last year on Canterbury Tales. I hate to be uncharitable--I don't know the man and I'm sure he must really love the Lord--but I thought this sermon on "he who 'pisseth' against the wall" was the most hilarious thing I ever saw in my life. And I'm not exaggerating: this takes the cake. If anybody needs clarity on what a "fundamentalist" is, here's your answer.

Be forewarned. . . you may laugh so hard you hurt yourself:
Pisseth Against the Wall


Dim Bulb said...

I noted at Canterbury Tales that the guy is aware that the phrase always appears in pejorative contexts; you think this would have clued him in to what it was really about.

Also, I've presented you with an award. Given the accolades this blog has received I suspect you'll be underwhelmed by it. You're not obligated to fulfill the conditions for accepting it.

Michael Barber said...

Dim Bulb:

Thanks very much for the award. I just don't have the time to complete the criteria.

Anonymous said...


I thought about posting this video too but I figured one was enough. How dare those Germans urinate sitting down? Oh the depravity!

Edward Pothier said...

"Be forewarned. . . you may laugh so hard you hurt yourself:
Pisseth Against the Wall "

If you don't hurt yourself, you may still wet your pants.

Douglas Naaden said...

Bizarre. Just bizarre. How do they get to this point?

Nicholas said...

A couple of observations:

1) I agree with the idea that one needs seriously to consider using a Bible with appropriate translations.

2) Does this pastor think that the divisions of the Bible into chapter and verse were divinely inspired? He must: otherwise how can he explain that the words of Genesis 5:5 and Acts 5:5 have special meaning because of the "fives"?

3) In Louisiana, men that I know pee standing up. In Belgium, where my wife is from, men pee sitting down. As per my wife's rule, I now pee sitting down. (She cleans the bathrooms; I clean the yard.)

4) I just read a really great article at Sancte Pater blog about "The New Catholic Manliness". This pastor might want to read it, too.

Ragamuffin said...

Wow. It's the SAME GUY in both videos. That's hilarious.

Unknown said...

If I have my facts straight, the chapters and verses we have were organized by French Catholic theologians in the 1200's in order to make it easier to cite Scripture. Jewish liturgy has the Old Testament divided differently than the chapters and verses we know even though modern Jewish Bibles copy the Catholic system as do Protestant Bibles. If this preacher is against Catholicism (which many but not all Fundamentalist preachers are plus I would imagine he would condemn the Catholic Church for not using the King James Version and for not teaching boys that they have to urinate standing up), then there is a contradiction in finding meaning in the numbers in a chapter and verse.

Anonymous said...

Mark Twain had some great thoughts about all of this: