Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So it seems as though we've got all the wrinkles ironed out. Now you need only type "TheSacredPage.com" and you'll be redirected here. No need to bother with the "www."


Art Sippo: said...

Great site! Good topics! Congratulations!

On Hyam Maccoby, we must remember that he wrote as a Jewish polemicist trying to undermine Christianity. The thing that turned me off to his book "The Myth Maker" was where he basically called St. Paul's autobiographical comments falsehoods and then chose a smorgasbord selection of only those quotations form the NT that matched his own prejudicial thesis. It is the equivalent of cutting out snippets from various newspapers to write a ransom note.

This is the real problem with all modernists and their spiritual forbears. Somehow they consider themselves to be more knowledgeable and honest than the NT writers or the succession of Christian Bishops who preserved them. In fact these pundits will claim even more: They will tell you that Jesus knew less about himself than they do!

It is this modernist hubris that truly underlies the so called "reformation." Once the scholar is given primacy in his personal interpretations over the witness of the Catholic Church under the superintendence of the Holy Spirit, all things become possible as Protestant Pandemonium amply demonstrates.

When 'conservative' Protestants today balk at the apostasy of modern theologians they should understand that it is the chickens coming home to roost. They have been hoist by their own petard.

Fidelity to Christ requires confidence in those whom he sealed with the Holy Spirit to carry on his message. Furthermore, it requires recognizing the continuities (as well as the discontinuities) between the Judaism of Christ's time and the Gospel.

You guys are doing great work. Keep it up! You are in my prayers.

Art Sippo

Lucien said...

Excellent points Mr. Sippo, you should have a blog too :)

One thing you need to realize is that this blog, at times, is a little too Protestant friendly. You may offend someone with your direct and honest statements.

But apart from those unfortunate occasions it is one of the best for Catholic Biblical Theological study.