Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Scott Hahn!

This post is not about the new book.

I just wanted to write a note wishing my dear friend a very happy birthday, which is today.

Words will fail to express the deep debt of gratitude I owe to him. Of course, Scott's work has shaped my thought more profoundly than any other contemporary scholar.

But even more importantly, Scott has taught me about the love of Christ by the witness of his life. And I learned from him about it up-close and personal. Scott and his family took me in as a graduate student and allowed me to live with them during the years I studied at Franciscan University in Ohio. It was a truly blessed time of my life and I can honestly say that I don't think a day goes by even now--many years later--that I don't thank God for them. I truly consider the Hahn family my second family.

Scott, thanks for everything--for your generosity, your wisdom, and your example. May God bless you on this day.

I know I speak for Brant and John when I say: Happy Birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Douglas Naaden said...

Yeah, may God bless Dr. Hahn on his birthday!

hiob said...

Happy birthday, Scott!

I am sitting somewhere in NY in my truck. You, Michael, know this truck. Green Volvo, "Totus Tuus Trucking". We met in Dallas several years ago, with Brant, Steve Ray and Scott. I went with Dr Hahn and Mr Ray to Holy Land in May this year. Many pictures at

And now I'm writing about salvation history, in Polish, from Adam to Jesus, stealing material from Scott. No bad for an trucker, who is deeply in love with Scripture, thanks to him.

I owe Dr Hahn, a lot. I pray for him every day. Many more wonderful days, Scott, and many blessings for you and your wonderful family.

"Big mustache trucker" Peter.

Scott Hahn said...

Many thanks, Michael.
BTW, Kimberly and I are sure looking forward to joining you and your Kimberly in welcoming a new Baby Barber in the next couple weeks!